Your past is just a lesson, NOT a life sentence!

When working with clients ‘the past’ tends to come up at some point.

Whether consciously or not.

Now, as coaching is forward focused, bringing ‘the past’ into the conversation may be relevant for various reference points of your life to date.

However…Staying stuck in that moment, in that associated state, does not serve your forward focus.

Sure, if certain experiences need to be ‘worked through’, then seeking a therapy-based approach may be the way to go?

In the space of coaching, this is not the focus point.

It’s about where you are & where you want to go &… the bit on top that I really like…WHO you have to become in that process to get there?

For years I aimed to solve situations for those I’ve worked with, the thing is, the solutions have to come from within you, I can hold the space, but essentially it comes from you.

If you are a prisoner to your past, coaching may not be the place for you right now (some may wince at me saying don’t be coached!!!)

But, when it comes to looking after our clients, we have to advise respectfully & approach each situation on the merits in that moment.

Ruth Kudzi’s Coaching Academy has taught me so much about holding space for clients, without leading the conversation.

Helping clients work it out for themselves.

Giving them permission, yep, to hear themselves.

Now, yes, I can also step into mentor mode when the moment requires to help you learn forward with a way that’s specific to you & your situation, in a very intuitive (& direct) way… that gets results!

But coaching is not this.

Pure coaching is ALL about YOU not me.

Coaching is about your future, not your past!

Ask yourself… “Are you an ambassador for your future or a prisoner to your past?

Btw…The Coaching Academy that I mentioned above…the best in town…check it out…


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