When did you last take a good, long look at yourself?

You know how sometimes babies give you that look?

They look straight into your eyes.

Like they’re connecting with your soul.

When was the last time you did that to & for yourself???

Where possible, when I work, I encourage my clients to take that look.

Not whilst I’m with them.

When they have a moment alone.

To hold the look, even when it gets uncomfortable.

Really uncomfortable!!!

You know what tends to happen?

I ask them to notice what’s there, not what’s missing, as our unconscious biases tend to steer us towards.

Recognise the person that you are.

The person that’s got you to this point in life.

Recognise the beauty of YOU

And, if you don’t like what you see, not the aesthetics…we all age btw!

The soul that’s looking back at you I mean.

Well now maybe, it’s time to change it?

Embrace the new, embrace the uncharted waters of your life in front of you?

There is so much that you can be, it IS up to you?

Yes it IS!

Try it, hold the look & smile 🙂

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