What challenges you?

What challenges you?

What helps you grow at the same time?

What lessons are for your higher good?

For me, parenting is a challenge!

I feel very fortunate that I am a parent

(Ok, tbh, maybe not all of the time )

I do feel very blessed to be gifted a daughter & son

This was us in 2016

Yep, I’m the guy that treks to the top of a festival site & can’t even get the site name & the whole faces of the people in the selfie (I’m working on my camera skills)

The thing is, right then, their mother & I had already separated (we went with friends who we’d hatched the Glasto plan with), But we were committed to taking them, so we worked a plan to make it so, after all, us separating wasn’t the kids fault, so why should they miss out on this festival experience?

Behind the smiles was a broken person. I was sad. How had it all failed? How could I have let the kids down? How was it all going to work out for them & indeed myself?

The reality was that after 20+ years, the relationship had run out of steam, it was time to draw a line under it all, to face the reality of it not working.

The thing is, it was always about what was best for the kids, us being together wasn’t good for the kids, they were not seeing the best of us, so it had to change!

We’re now almost 5 yrs on from when this photo was taken, my life, my love, my whole being is in such a different place, state & level of understanding.

James & Fraya adapted to all the change (kids do, they teach us in reality), sure, we have challenges, yes teenage years for sure, but….

As I asked….

What challenges you?

What makes you grow?

For me, parenting through, separation, divorce, starting again, failing, starting again, processing the judgment of other, to name a few situations, is where the growth is, it’s where you really get to know yourself, yes it is!

So, I say to you, if you are stalling at making a decision that you fear may turn upside down, everything you now know, please, please understand, if it doesn’t serve your soul, you’re happiness & your long term well-being, now might just be the time to change it?

When I work with others, it’s from a place of real understanding. A place where I know real growth can be ignited from the embers of pain. I do not feed others BS, instead just choosing to share my experiences, it seems to work!

So, my question to you?

What challenges you & what growth can be found in that or those challenges?

Growth is liberating; however, it is a choice!

A choice that only you can make, to run from or embrace?

Remember. All happiness starts with you x

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