Time to figure out my next move…

It had been 3 weeks since my last email to my connections…

Any Marketers in the house will be screaming at me for losing sight of the compounding effect of consistent action. They may even say… it has been broken!

Thing is, that word broken is exactly how I’ve been feeling… for a long time… a very long time!




For the record, this is not a poor me message…

It’s more a real time update with some completely open dialogue from me to you

I’m truly in flow when I’m working with ‘people’

I may be working with you now, may have done in the past, or even hope to in the future?

Either way, ‘You’ are at the heart of all I do, and that’s the problem…

Not you personally, but the fact that ‘me, myself & I’ have been lost in the equation.

Ironic really, given the fact I always ‘encourage’ my clients to figure out their inner self, before they focus on the outer world.

Some may say…. hypocrisy and they’d be right and that doesn’t sit well with me, at all.

A few things have happened since my last blog about ‘being scared my life will be wasted’, so poignant really, given my close shave with my own mortality during recent events, read the blog here to gain more context.

The truth is, life was screaming at me with all the signs to ‘sort stuff’ out, I just chose to ignore them, and that hasn’t helped my sense of self, well being and the overall way I’ve been showing up recently as a contributing human being,

I’ve been hiding a lot of ‘stuff’.

The final sign, a pretty extreme one to be fair, was having to tackle a fire which was kicked off by the lovely Storm Arwen!

Yep, this time last week was a whole different picture.

It was one of those moments that brings the context of life & how we live it, sharply into focus! See my FB timeline here for details & if we’re not connected why not eh, just click add Friend? (You see what I did there dear marketers, snuck that one in!)

So, in 2022 ‘things’ will be changing…

If I’m working with you now, we will continue and carry on as we have.

However, in the new year, the way I work… will be changing.

I’m taking some time out to re-model my coaching business, to align my delivery to market, to create my ‘specialist package’ and systemise my offerings.

To put processes in place that will grow and scale a sustainable business.

Not one that is inconsistent, as mine has been over the years…Not by intent….

But more, I was in survival mode for so long, the clarity of what I was aiming to do was so blurred.

I’m taking some time for me to build ‘me’ back up again.

So, I can serve a greater number of people… in a far better way!

For a short period, I’ll be working in a logistics role which plays to my skill sets, to help grease the cogs of my personal and financial responsibilities, it’s what I need to do.

It’s a fairly autonomous position, which I can just get on and do without the pressures and head haze of recent years.

From the last few years (probably more than a few tbh), of being aboard the express train of survival.

I’ve stepped off at a station of my choice.

To recharge.

To refocus.

To be true to myself.

Then, when the time is right… I will step back on my course to success (not just survival)… from a platform of my choice, to steer a course that serves me and those I aim to serve… in a far, far better way!

The thing is, that’s always what I want for people.

To live a life that serves you and those you care about.

It’s really hard writing this, really hard, I’ve had to process thoughts of…



Letting others down

Yet at the same time, KNOWING, if I didn’t make a shift, I would be letting myself down, in so many ways.

That is unacceptable on so many levels for my own sanity, and to gain a better level of mental and physical health.

The thing is when you rush head on towards a fire to put it out, not knowing what the outcome is going to be, on the other side of the ‘event’ a series of thoughts kicks in, a clarity of all matters becomes rapidly into focus!

I’ll be emailing regularly to my connections (it’s ok marketers, you can breathe easy!!!)

I’ll be present on social media, but not too much.

My website will be trimmed right back (for the time being) 

I will be re-charging

So, with all I’ve mentioned in mind, my question to you…

“Is your LIFE serving you or others?”

REALLY think on that, not just a casual “Yes, I suppose so”

Is it serving you…




& dare I say… Spiritually?

As the saying goes “Service to many leads to greatness”

But first to serve others…

We have to serve ourselves!

How are you on that?

Thanks for reading this, I’ll be back with you soon…

With love & good intent, Martin.

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