“Thirty thousand miles of thoughts”

“Thirty thousand miles of thoughts”

That’s the miles I’ve covered in the last 5 months ✔️
I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking in the process🤔

I like driving, over the years it’s helped me process a lot of my lessons through life 🙌🏻

My circumstances changed in the last quarter of 2021, which meant what I had to do during the days also changed.

I took on a job to grease the cogs of my personal economy, it’s what was needed 😔 To remove very high levels of stress.

I so desperately needed to recalibrate my work, it had been coming for a while ✅

My thoughts around all of it, have been vast and varied. So many to process about how my career has gone, how it is going and how I’d like to see it going.

I’ll share them in another post, some brutally honest ones about the realisations that have come from having Thirty Thousand Miles worth of them!

In the meantime here’s a shot from when I set off early doors this am…

Hope it warms your thoughts 😊

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