Thinking about all the Mothers in the world!

Here’s what I’m thinking about a day that celebrates Mothers…

>>> Humanity would not exist if it was not for mothers, so thank you

>>> Whatever our relationship with our mothers, in whatever context, no matter how loving, extreme, diverse or unique they may be…our Mothers gave birth to us, we literally would not be here now if they hadn’t breathed life into us, I thank you from the very core of who I am for that miracle x

>>> Although we have all had, still may have a mother, not everyone can be mothers (for whatever reason), my heart goes out to you on a deep level if this is you. If this you, I believe you will bring your love to the world in a different form, that may be your path instead?

>>> Men of the world. Boys, lads, whatever you want to call yourself or be called, always, alway, always respect the divine energy that comes from Mother Earth, through your relationships, through your experiences, through your life! When you work this infinite & nurturing energy, not against it, we ALL win, in every way!

>>> Male readers, in relation to how we treat the above referenced energy force…Basically don’t be a d#ck! If you continue to disrespect the feminine force of the world, sometime in the future you will suffer, we will ALL suffer in some form. Don’t blame the past, don’t blame others for your actions, be accountable, take responsibility I repeat…don’t be a d#ck!

P.S. pass this message on to anyone exhibiting d#ck like tendencies!!!

>>> For anyone who is hurting right now from the loss of a mother, in whatever context, know that their love lives on through you x

>>> Mothers, remember, there is one day that is in honour of you, Mothers Day, it basically means you can get away with anything. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or break the law, you frickin go for it!

So. There it is, At the end of week that has been hideous in so many ways across society, personally I’d like to be reminded of the underlying infinite force that derives from Mother Earth, from the divine energy.

I celebrate you & all you bring to the world!

Thank you for delivering each & every one of us into the world!

Thank you x

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