Responsibility is yours for the taking…

Being who we are in the world can be really uncomfortable at times!

We may not like the things we do, say or become!

However, the sooner we take responsibility.

For ALL of what we do, say or become.

The sooner we can become who we are truly meant to be!

Pushing any ‘thing’ to one side, no matter how inconsequential it may seem, does not serve our soul, our sense of self, the ultimate version of who we can so truly become!

Sure, we may get pissed off with ourselves because we don’t get ‘x’ right.

We didn’t say ‘that thing’ how we really wanted to.

Maybe in fear of how it could come across?

But, unless we stop, take a moment & see how we are communicating, first with ourselves, then with others (which means taking full responsibility for all of it, & the subsequent outcomes), then life WILL keep ‘sending us’ the lessons, tasks, challenges (however you want to say it) until we take Full responsibility for it all.

Sue, we can’t ‘control’ how others respond to us showing up in the world. But we sure can take full responsibility for how we react to interactions with others, circumstances & random moments!

Personal responsibility takes work (any parent wil know that when ‘guiding’ their kids through life, for instance), it’s a constant, however the rewards are immense, they compound over time & they really do reveal ‘us’ to ourselves!

So, how are you on taking responsibility, working on it or pushing it away?

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