Reflection, Responsibility & Reality

Everything in our reality we should take responsibility for, would you agree or disagree?

Floki and myself have just come back from a long walk through the forest in the pouring rain, yes, oldskool UK summer weather is kicking in!

We were the only ones walking, well we didn’t see anyones else, that’s what I mean.

My mind wondered, as did Floki!!! The combination of the illusive canine & the constant patter of the pouring rain, created a moment whereby it allowed me time to reflect on many things…many, many things.

How had this moment been created, this very moment, me walking with a dog, in a beautiful forest, away from any distractions, technology & dry clothes!!!

Responsibility was the answer that popped into my thinking…responsibility!

I stopped, stood still, the dog was still off chasing falling leaves, then the realisation hit me…I felt so content, 5.3 decades into life, I’m so happy with who I am, where I am, & importantly…where I’m going!

Sure, there are still many things I would change & these things are work in progress, but fundamentally…I’m very happy with being right here, stood in the pouring rain.

Btw, Floki had now run across the track in front of me only to disappear to the other side of the tree coverings, but I was beaming, a very wet smile, but smiling massively!

As a well known saying goes “We may not be responsible for what happens to us, but we are responsible for how we deal with what happens to us.”

It’s a massive pill to swallow at times, absolutely massive, I’m not playing down what happens to us, the point is, if we fully own how we react to the ‘things’ that happen to us in life, that are essentially for our own growth, then we can drive our life the way we want to.

We stop being a victim to circumstance, we start being in charge of our life & living 100% with intent, focus & ownership of ALL of it!

Reflection will help with this, rejoice in how far you have come, don’t dwell on how far you think you haven’t come, remember 2mrw may never come, so realise the power of today!

Responsibility for the next steps in life lay at your door, open the door, step through & make life work for you, not against you.

Reality is how you perceive it, yours right now, is the combination of your perceptions through life.

Never, ever forget, what was, doesn’t have to be what is or what will be!

Life is full of choices, what ones are you making to create your reality?

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