Reflection and Judgement

Reflection… is something I’ve done a LOT of through my years!
How I’ve been.
How I am & how I can be.

I am many things
I am many layers of the human experience
I am an example of ‘always work in progress’

However, every so often our past, will ‘try’ to drag us backwards,
Someone or something will ‘remind’ us of who we were.
The things is…

We are never who we were!
Biologically and philosophically, that is not possible.

So, if such a moment ‘turns up’ in your life


Do not react.
Take a breath…
Look the ‘moment’ straight in the eye.
Hold your stance.
Hold… do not react.
Be aware of your emotions.

Right there… YOU are being judged for who you were,
NOT… who you are!

If I know you, & I think I do…
You are a good person.
You are ‘work in progress’ and you work very hard indeed.

And that is because… YOU are not afraid to look at your own reflection!

Because you know that when you face your truths, every last one of them.
Nothing, or anyone can truly have a hold over you.
The reflection you see when YOU look is one of a good person.

Always remember that x

Martin Miller – The Truths Coach®

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