“NEVER ALLOW fear to limit your potential”



I’m unable to recall when this phrase crystallised in my thinking? It was probably one of those moments when I suspended all intentional thought & let my mind wonder & it just popped in, funny that, it’s how it always happens, we just need to trust the creative process!

This phrase has served me well over the last few years.

Especially since I decided to take up the not so passive sport of Skydiving once I’d hit my first half century!

It was that or getting back on motorbikes, I figured it was safer exiting planes!

Anyway, why such an ‘un 50yr old thing to do’? Well is it really? Why should age determine what we do or don’t do?

Ok, I get it, there are some limits for sure.

Like trying to scale Everest when you’re only 8 yrs old.

Or trying to fit into a Zumba class in a mankini when the only place you should be is in a care home in comfy slacks!!!

Some things just aren’t appropriate, but you get my point 🙂

The thing is, most of the time it’s our fears that stop us doing zumba in lycra.

Or pretending to be superman whilst balancing on a supermarket trolley (yes, the old ones are the best ones), only to be met by what appears to be a disapproving member of the management team as they stepped around the corner into what was previously an empty isle!!! It’s not a one time only occurrence btw.

It’s an irrational fear, it’s based in the premise of ‘what will other people think of me?” This thought cycle & limiting narrative has quelled, suppressed & taken to the grave, more potential that should have been realised whilst the grave dwellers were alive!

Nasty last bit, a bit too blunt? Not really, you see, me personally I’d rather not give permission to a ‘perceived fear’ whether of someone else’s opinion or of my own distorted view of reality!

Yes, our primitive minds are still hard wired to keep us alive.

It’s served us well many moons ago.

Thing is, we’re not talking about outrunning sabre tooth tigers or unwanted guests at Christmas time (When we actually invited them in the first place…just saying!).

I’m talking about doing something out of choice.

Which we know deep down, will help us grow forward.

WE as human beings are so well versed at avoiding pain.

We will make up any excuse NOT to do what our souls are crying out for us to do.

To help us become who we really crave to be!

Right now, a lot of people need to, no… must adapt, change, move, create different opportunities, in order to ride through, survive, however you want to say it, this global pandemic.

The Pandemic that has sent devastation around the world at such a rate.

We’re adapting, we’re changing & refining our offerings, are you? Sure, it’s scary, but it’s scary staying stuck, staying paralysed by fear, whether real or perceived.

This picture was taken on the 25th Sept 2019, I remember it well, it was Will Smith’s 50th Birthday, he was bungee jumping out of a helicopter over The Grand Canyon, the press & Media were all over it!

I, on the other hand was, for the first time (under the guidance of my Skydive Coach, yes, a coach being coached…go figure!) stepping outside a plane at 12K feet.

Over a beautiful landscape in the southwest of the UK.

The coastline in view, a glorious sunny day, whilst saying in my head…

“Never allow fear to limit your potential Martin, Never allow fear to limit your potential Martin, Never allow fear to limit your potential Martin, now take a deep breath, look up, let go & enjoy the frickin ride!”

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