“Making mistakes is what makes me who I am”​

“Making mistakes is what makes me who I am”

Does this resonate at all with you?

I make so many mistakes, so many. Naturally I’m a very passionate person, I’m full of emotion that at times boils over, sometimes with good consequences & at times, well let’s say…not so good 😞

My intentions are always good, to help improve any given situation, but depending on the dynamics of the situation, the people involved (& their agenda), the language used, it really can go off piste at times!

I’m not proud of how those ‘not so good moments go’.

Was it something I said?

Was it something I did?

Was it something I didn’t say or do?

I always reflect on such moments, I learn so much about myself.

We as human beings or human doings as I prefer to say when we’re in flow, are always influenced by our environments, our associations & combined over-arching influences. This is an indisputable fact.

We make decisions based on the information at hand & at times later down the line, when we’re privy to further information which may shine a light of past matters that might illuminate a past mistake or perceived mistake, we can indeed beat ourselves up. Combine that with when others want to metaphorically beat us up, point fingers & alike & the combination can send anyone over the edge at times!

The point here is to differentiate between your actual mistakes & what others ‘think’ you did, because as we know, nobody lives in your skin, nobody lives in your head, nobody other than you, so who are ‘they’ to suggest otherwise, especially when ‘they’ have refused to turn the mirror on themselves!

So, please, I encourage you to make mistakes, test yourself, have those awkward conversations, challenge those that challenge you.

Never disrespect others, never condemn others work or approach to life, that’s when it can get personal, & that’s not good for anyone.

Realise if you review all actions, really focus in on what has let’s say, gone wrong, then come out the other side with an improved perspective of who you are & how you can contribute to the world, then that’s a mistake worth making.

So, how often do you mistakes & what have you learnt about ‘YOU’ in the process?

Please do share your thoughts & experiences…

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