It Starts with YOU!

Accountability, Responsibility, Where you are right now?

It all starts with YOU. Sure, we can blame others, we can bitch & moan about why we feel hard done by. We can say “We don’t deserve that to happen to me, it’s just not fair!” But really, how does that help you?

Taking ownership & I mean COMPLETE 100% ownership of where you are right now & all that happens to you, yes even the really, really, really shit ‘stuff’, is so very powerful indeed. Why?

Well, if you choose to own everything about your life, then you maintain the ability to be in control of EVERY part of your life & how you deal with all of it.

As soon, as you blame others, outside events, 3rd party influences, you give away the power.

You let go of the one thing that is fully yours…your LIFE!!!

Now, you may say things like…

“But that wasn’t suppose to happen to me”

“It wasn’t in my life plan”

“They did that to me”

“I didn’t deserve it”

“I never get those breaks like others do”

“They don’t understand me?”

Well, the rub is, you keep using this kinda language with this gift we call life, YOUR LIFE & the cycles will keep repeating themselves, like…

  • The ‘friend’ who alway knows best
  • The bad relationship you don’t want to be a part of any more
  • The work ‘situation’ that ‘seems’ so unfair
  • The career move, that never happens
  • The health issue that you’ve yet to accept or address as you KNOW you must do
  • THAT habit that does not serve you any longer

You get the point? All of these matters are in your control?


Once you realise it ALL starts with you.

You’ll be able to take the power back.

Every little part of your life, no matter how harsh you think it is, how difficult it may seem to be able to overcome, no matter how much it scares the living daylights out of you, is all down to YOU & how you move forward from this point toward that life you know in your heart, you truly deserve.

Now, the thing is, most of us KNOW all this ‘stuff’.

Yet, most of us (myself included at times) keep pushing these ‘Indicators for Change’ aside.

If we keep doing this, life will by its very nature, keep on ramping up the resistance & keep presenting us with more & more moments that will test us even further.

Please, please, please don’t ignore these matters & give up & please don’t drop your head and allow life to numb you, that’s no way to live at all.

Please don’t keep repeating the cycles.

Please take full responsibility for YOUR LIFE.

After all, there is HUGE personal power in it for you.

Never, ever forget, it all Starts With You x

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