It never, ever, ever looks like this when you begin!

I have never, ever existed in a world where the contents of this picture have made it on to my lap exactly as you see in this picture!!!

Now, it’s been close, but the milk usually gets spilt, the toast crumbs get on the bed, the remainder of the tray slide everywhere as you try to get comfy & once you have managed some form of getting the contents of the plate into your mouth, well let’s say, the bed covers look like a night out after way too many, thinking oh yeah that fast food joint, what kinda messy greasy shit can they serve me & will it go in me or all over me!

So why do all the adds, films, Youtube videos make it look so easy??

Well just like life, love & business, they’ve worked hard at getting it right for that exact moment!! The lighting’s right, the coffees steaming hot, the bed sheets are pressed, the film crew all around are hoping they get ‘that shot’ just right.

So, the point??? Well, just as with your life, your relationship, your chosen work / career path, it takes a whole heap of ‘circumstances’ to get it right, it doesn’t just happen, it may take the involvement of many others, it may take you just buckling down and getting on with that ‘stuff’ that you’ve bee sidestepping for frickin’ ages!

The MAIN point – the ‘perfect’ image we see in our minds, in our plans, we hold in our hearts, takes A LOT to form into reality. It can be done, but you have to hone your skills, maintain your focus & one of the major factors – not give a flying crap about what others are thinking about the direction you’re going in!

Now, if you’re not doing anyone any harm, and those that just move their lips in your direction, with lots of hot air exiting, then well, you go for it, but remember…

To have the perfect Sunday morning breakfast in bed movie star kinda thing…you just gotta put in the work!

Now where’s my breakfast…

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