I’m scared my life will be wasted…

I’m scared my life will be wasted…

My approach to life for real growth is to face our truths, no matter how hard they are, there are many within all of us, the following is one of mine…

I’m scared, I’m scared a lot of the time, I mean… a LOT of the time!

Sure, I chose to take up an extreme sport a few years back,

& that scares me, the thought of something happening, but yet…I still want to pursue it!

Not that kinda scared.

What I’m talking about is… I’m scared my life will be wasted.

I’m scared that all I do will come to nothing.

I’m scared all I share may not have any positive impact on the world at all.

I’m scared. Really scared of that.

Kelly, my partner, asked me when we first started dating (yes, oldskool)…

“What would be your biggest regret in life Martin?”

& for someone who doesn’t really do regrets (I learnt that lesson a while back), however in that moment, without hesitation, I came back…

“Not passing on the lessons I’ve learnt, so they’ll help others, otherwise what was the point!”

That kinda scared!

My whole life experiences coming to nothing!

That scares the living daylights out of me!

What a waste that would be! A huge waste!

& that’s the damn truth!

The thing is, if YOU are scared of your truths…

If you are scared to grow through them, beyond them & because of them.

Then the growth and long term transformation you seek may never happen, it may never happen.

It’s scary as hell standing up, going against the surge of mediocrity in the world,

& that’s not a judgement, before you pitch at me! It’s a statement of fact.

I’ve worked out for myself, it may not be for you, but for me…

Being scared of what others think IS less scary than giving up.

Not learning through life.

My Truth for today… I’m scared!

However, I will NOT let that fact, & it is a fact,

Stop me trying,

Stop me learning,

Stop me sharing.


All last week, I was mulling over what to share with you today.

Then this came out.

I share my truths with you in the hope that you recognise yours, work through them & grow beyond them, but yet also…because of them.

Sure I can help you, here’s my approach (yes, slid that one in ever so subtly)

Seriously though…

I ask you “What are you sacred of?”

& does it stop you doing what you really want to do.

For me, so it seems… being scared is part of the equation…

How about you?

(btw, the pic is eggsactly how I feel at times)

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