How’s your communication?

Communication has a massive impact on the way ‘we’ live our lives.

How do you define communication?

  • How we speak to others?
  • The most effective use of the available tools?
  • Is it what we don’t say, meaning our actions?

Before we clarify anything, we MUST first look at how we communicate with ourselves?

  • The language we use for self-talk?
  • The emotion we attach to such words & phrases?
  • The patterns we exhibit as we go about our days & what it means to others?
  • The conditioned languages we have on loop in our thinking, that comes from other’s opinions?

In ALL matters, everything starts with us, you, me, I, everything else works out from there.

So, before you clarify how you think & how’s the best way to communicate with the external world, how about thinking about how you communicate with yourself first?

Set you standard high, don’t belittle yourself with doubting talk, don’t listen to others who quite frankly haven’t got a F*+#ing clue who you are or how you live your life!

Step into your ‘personal world of communication’, realise, that YOU can improve how the world communicates with you, when & only when, you start putting your personal communication first.

With all matters of ‘ourself’ it’s not selfish, it’s survival!

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