Your Personal and Professional Potential can be realised through…

Truths – Are you living yours? Do you recognise them, face them, embrace them and use them to build you forward?

Growth – Are you enabling it? Is your mindset tuned into it? Are you willing to do what’s required?

Transformation – Happens when Your Truths enable Your Growth!

Here's what I know to be true...

Personal and Professional Development WORKS! It’s self evident across the globe, in many areas and disciplines, to suggest otherwise is pointless. 

YOUR development is a constantly evolving process of self-awareness. Do YOU know who you are, how you SHOW UP and how THE WORLD PERCEIVES YOU?

This site’s focus isn’t about pitching to you, it IS about helping you to work out if you’re READY to be coached and/or mentored? COGNITIVE CHANGE takes time to embed. It requires focus, commitment and patience. If you’re not willing to put in the effort required… IT won’t work. 

I operate under a strict set of professional guidelines, competencies and values. I treat what I do my clients with the respect it so fully deserves. Working with people, to enable them to move through life, is a privilege.

How I work...

  • I charge by the hour for 1 to 1 clients, POA for other sessions, always happy to discuss.
  • All prices are listed on each package page (Except Team Development Sessions, which are POA)
  • The package pages (below) include brief  descriptions to give you an idea of what to expect. If you require more information, please get in touch.
  • Singular sessions aren’t my thing, and they’re proven NOT to work for clients either. 
  • Clients are expected to book a minimum of 6 sessions. Cognitive change takes time to embed.
  • I utilise Coaching, Mentoring, Training, NLP and a consultative approach with clients, depending on what you’ve come to me for.
  • I use stand alone disciplines or a combination of any/all, and intuitively know what’s best for each session.
  • Humour is a part of how I work, it’s a great state changer when the moment requires it to be so.

What you can expect...

  • Change to occur – an adjusted mindset!
  • A shift in your thinking, behaviour and outcomes.
  • A greater understanding of yourself, the world you inhabit, your life direction and, if applicable to you, your business objectives.
  • Uncomfortable feelings to arise, moments when you won’t know what to do next, that’s ok, that’s part of the work.
  • Resistance to change as we may ‘uncover some truths’ that you may not want to face.  You can choose to bury them or work through them, it’s your choice, it’s about what serves you best.
  • Revelations and empowering moments will occur, maybe not in the session, they can and often do happen between sessions, after any discoveries and realisations have been processed and embedded.
  • You will create a calm state of knowing who you are and how your uniqueness can bring value to others.
  • You can expect to have fun. Laughter, humour and the ability to use it for growth can be very powerful.

M.A.P. Development

Personal Coaching

Team Development

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