I’m Martin Miller. I like creating opportunities for growth, where everybody in the equation wins. I believe in fair practice, straight talking, removing the BS from life and business.

I’m interested to see if we can work together in a way that delivers value to both our worlds. You win, I win, those we serve win… we all win!

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Experience to date...

  • Personal Care / Service Industry, Direct Sales Industry, Bespoke Residential / Commercial Energy provision and cost reduction, Renewable Energy Technology Ofgem Accreditation Registrations, Licensed Product Distribution / Installation / Maintenance, O&M Co-ordination, Sales Franchise, Coaching / Training / Mentoring / Development, Network Development / Leadership, Property Renovation / Project Management, Online Brand / Promotion / Community building
  • Employed, Self Employed, Partnerships, Directorship, Consultancy Contracts.
  • Salaried, Commission only, Performance related, Investor returns.

Learnt and applied skills...

  • Customer Service / Fulfilment, Sales / Offline / Online, Negotiation, Contracting, Support Processes, Team Dynamics, Product Placement, Supply Chain (an understanding), Never afraid to ask ‘How do we do that? 
  • Specialities – Coaching (ICF Accredited), NLP (Practitioner) Mentoring, Training, Development. 
  • All garnered from 35 years of operating within the SME sector.
  • Highly Skilled with Detail and Process, Solution Focused rather than problem creator, Learning and Development Focused – if I don’t know, I’ll find out / find someone who does. 
  • Facilitator of open conversations that seek solutions for all stakeholders. We all Win!
  • Respect for people / teams is my a highest priority. Support your people / your teams, they take care of customers.
  • How we treat people says a lot about how we ‘do business’, to me ‘people’ are the heartbeat of commerce.
  • I fully understand and adhere to the principle that ‘Great Communication’ is the key that can unlock the potential of any working situation, relationship and endeavour.
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Why I'm passionate about these things...

  • Always GROWTH focused, in thinking, actions and intent. My curiosity drives me!
  • Never afraid to fail, I understands that’s where the best lessons are. Success tends to be an evolution of understanding failure.
  • Adopting a practical business approach of ‘we’ focus over ‘me’ focus is paramount.
  • Experienced bankruptcy,  understands the lessons, what it does to us as we move through the following phases, and what it takes to build back up again, when the odds seam stacked against you.
  • Definitely stays away from BS and drama, other than to call it out!
  • Lives by this – “For things to get better, YOU have to get better!”
  • Knows that to build legacy, it helps to do it with others!

How this supports me now in my work...

Moving through your working career and how to get the best from of all of it requires GROWTH across every aspect of your life. It requires an honest look at who you are, how things happen, who you are becoming and the most important factor… taking responsibility for ALL of it.

That requires getting out of your own way, listening to advice offered, discarding what’s irrelevant, and continually moving forward whilst helping as many other people as possible. The law of reciprocation is a key factor with all of it.

I’m always open to exploring new opportunities, right now I have a mix of employed work and private client work. I believe finding a formula that serves our worlds really helps our overall wellbeing, our ability to bring the best of us, to add value for others.

Simply, a scenario where people are valued, communication is clear and intentions are aimed for long term growth.  If you’d liked to chat about how we may be able to work together click the link below…

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