Who’s controlling you?

Who’s the controller of your world? How much are you relying on someone or something else to make your world work? Yesterday’s ‘issue’ with facebook, IG & Whatsapp apparently was due to the following… ‘Facebook issued a statement on Tuesday confirming that the cause of the outage was a configuration change to the backbone routers …

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Reflection and Judgement

Reflection… is something I’ve done a LOT of through my years! How I’ve been. How I am & how I can be. I am many things I am many layers of the human experience I am an example of ‘always work in progress’ However, every so often our past, will ‘try’ to drag us backwards, …

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What challenges you?

What challenges you? What helps you grow at the same time? What lessons are for your higher good? For me, parenting is a challenge! I feel very fortunate that I am a parent (Ok, tbh, maybe not all of the time ) I do feel very blessed to be gifted a daughter & son This …

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