Martin Miller

Who’s controlling you?

Who’s the controller of your world? How much are you relying on someone or something else to make your world work? Yesterday’s ‘issue’ with facebook, IG & Whatsapp apparently was due to the following… ‘Facebook issued a statement on Tuesday confirming that the cause of the outage was a configuration change to the backbone routers …

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Strategy… – Is used in business and commerce. – Is used in sport, in so many disciplines. – Is used by the media and governments to ‘influence’ the masses. You will most likely be touched by at least one of these examples, if not all? But how often is the word ‘Strategy’ used purposefully in …

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Reflection and Judgement

Reflection… is something I’ve done a LOT of through my years! How I’ve been. How I am & how I can be. I am many things I am many layers of the human experience I am an example of ‘always work in progress’ However, every so often our past, will ‘try’ to drag us backwards, …

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